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Pricing is regular. (Unless otherwise posted for sale or ticketed event)

Single Women

$40 – 12 Month Membership


$60 – 12 Month Membership

Single Men

$100 – 12 Month Membership

1 Night Pass

$20 – Thursday & Sunday

$20 – Saturday & Sunday

1 Night Pass

$40 – Thursday & Sunday

$60 – Saturday & Sunday

1 Night Pass

$60 – Thursday & Sunday

$100 – Saturday & Saturday

You must be 21 years of age to join and enter. Membership is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to refuse memberships based on several criteria. Your membership will be denied and/or revoked if your conduct and or overall appearance are not suited for the club. This policy allows us more discretion in recruiting and retaining members that are both clean and respectful. The Velvet Rope never discriminates against:age, ethnicity, gender/sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or religion. We encourage people of all kinds to help make The Velvet Rope an amazing club to be a member of.