Our own miss Heather has put together an awesome event for all you fun peeps – she wants everyone to WHORE out and PLAY GAMES!!! This is a night for the fun of it! Join a game or two, whore-it-up or just watch – anyway it goes this is gonna be FUN FUN FUN

Games will very month-to-month some games may include
Cock Fights
Cock Toss
Bean-Bag-Vag Bulls Eye
Pussy Golf
Naked Twister and MORE…..

**See Calendar for more details and pricing.

Welcome to our Bi-Monthly Event. Come and discover what KINK means to you. With 3 dungeon areas just for this special event – there is a little something for everyone. We host trained D.M.’s (DUNGEON MONITOR) and Tasters on site to make your fantasy come true. Not sure your ready to dive in? You’re welcome to watch the show. Who knows what might spark your curiosity or make you wet.

Hosted by Matt & Alexis + Dungeon Master M.

** See Calendar for more details and pricing.

We love our LGBTQ friends and all those that love them.
So we have created a night for everyone.

If you Love sexy HUMANS and you Love to Indulge in fantasies.This night is for you. We encourage sex in the fallowing ways.
w4w m4w t4t ww4w ww4m mm4w mm4m
wtmwtmwtmwmtwmt 4 mwtmwtmmtwmtmwtmt I hope this paints the picture.
This will be a night not to miss and to make life time memories.

And Yaaaaasss We will have a show, talent brought to you by our own Nikki Lev of Portland. Show starts at 10pm. Please come show your support of local Portland performers.

** See Calendar for more details and pricing.