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Club Etiquette


Communication is a key to getting involved in activities. This is supposed to be all about fun. This is why we use terms like (Would you like to Play?) or (We had a blast playing). As we like to say here the nice guy wins and the gentleman gets all the attention. This is all about making friends.

List of rules:

  1. Always Play Safe!! Have an open conversation about expectations and Use Protection for your safety and the safety of ALL your partners.
  2. NO Phones, cameras, or recording devices of any kind are to be used or seen in the club for ANY reason.
  3. Always ask before you touch OR begin masturbating next to others.
  4. No means No the first time.
  5. Stop means Stop the first time.
  6. Ask before you touch at ALL times.
  7. No unattended men in the Couples/Ladies Lounge without a lady accompanying them at ALL times. No exceptions.
  8. No alcohol or food in private rooms.
  9. No alcohol, food, sex or masturbating allow in hot tubs.
  10. Please place all soiled towels and sheet into hampers.
  11. Please dispose all used condoms and cleansing wipes in trash.
  12. There is a non-mandatory play rule.
  13. Last one, have fun!

This is a club of sex positive Adults. The rules and etiquette have been designed to show everyone’s best nature.